Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 7 package-What is in it?

Janet Moss is number 7! 

Janet is talented so I am eager to have a little piece of her art!

This is so fun!  I love to play with artist.

The artist ornament Exchange for day 6 is martha Brown.

This is a sweet little flimy, lacy textured all white heart!  It is so sweet!

 It is made by Martha Brown. 

So lovely!

The ornament for Day 5 was created by the artist, Leslie Brier.

Leslie made this vintage ornament pack the size of a small matchbox!

 It is a wonderful reproduction of a vintage ornament package in minature! 

Wow!  I am so amazed by all these artist.

Brier Design Studio: Published! Amy Powers' Inspired Ideas Christmas Issue 2012

Day four of the 12 days of Christmas ornament exchange

Ornament 4, by the artist Patti Gramza.
Patti Gramza made this wise, vintage styled ornament.

 The silver snowflake says Believe.

 Joy is under the angelic blond child.   A stitched on metal plate says "dream as if you'll live forever". 

So lovely Patti.  Thanks so much.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A sneek peek at day fours' package!

This is day fours' package!  I can't wait ti open it!

Day three of the artist ornament Exchange!

Christine Lush -Rodriquez made this sparkly clay snowflake.
 I opened day three early on Wednesday with a hot cup of coffee.

  And what a lovely piece Christine Lush Rodriguez made.

 Thanks so much Christine I love it.

Day two of the ornament artist exchange!

Needle felted Santa Claus made by Barbara Posey!
Wow what an amazing piece Barbara Posy has made!  He is very expressive and so lovely made.  Thank you Barbara Posey!  

2012 the 12 days of Christmas ornament Exchange

 A birds nest ornament made by Alice Early.

Here is the first Christmas ornament I opened on Monday. 

 It is adorable!  It is made by Alice Early a gifted artist..

 It is a birds nest with old buttons sewn on and a cute little bird.  Thanks Alice for such a wonderful start to our artist ornament trade.