Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fun Monday First post is My mothers garden

For Fun Monday I added a picture I made about my mother.  I feel nostagic about my mom.  She has passes over 20 years ago.  But mom is always mom and I still miss her.  I also added a second digital image I made of mom.  I guess this piece was inspired by my mom's struggle with her mental illnesses she had late in life.
My Mothers Garden

Mom and Van Gogh

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine heart for my husband

Here is a cute Valentine I made for my husband.

 I used inexpensive in pink and purple felt and stitched a simple pattern and added a few beads, and buttons.

 It can hold "love notes" inside and it hangs on the wall. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 7 package-What is in it?

Janet Moss is number 7! 

Janet is talented so I am eager to have a little piece of her art!

This is so fun!  I love to play with artist.

The artist ornament Exchange for day 6 is martha Brown.

This is a sweet little flimy, lacy textured all white heart!  It is so sweet!

 It is made by Martha Brown. 

So lovely!

The ornament for Day 5 was created by the artist, Leslie Brier.

Leslie made this vintage ornament pack the size of a small matchbox!

 It is a wonderful reproduction of a vintage ornament package in minature! 

Wow!  I am so amazed by all these artist.

Brier Design Studio: Published! Amy Powers' Inspired Ideas Christmas Issue 2012

Day four of the 12 days of Christmas ornament exchange

Ornament 4, by the artist Patti Gramza.
Patti Gramza made this wise, vintage styled ornament.

 The silver snowflake says Believe.

 Joy is under the angelic blond child.   A stitched on metal plate says "dream as if you'll live forever". 

So lovely Patti.  Thanks so much.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A sneek peek at day fours' package!

This is day fours' package!  I can't wait ti open it!

Day three of the artist ornament Exchange!

Christine Lush -Rodriquez made this sparkly clay snowflake.
 I opened day three early on Wednesday with a hot cup of coffee.

  And what a lovely piece Christine Lush Rodriguez made.

 Thanks so much Christine I love it.

Day two of the ornament artist exchange!

Needle felted Santa Claus made by Barbara Posey!
Wow what an amazing piece Barbara Posy has made!  He is very expressive and so lovely made.  Thank you Barbara Posey!  

2012 the 12 days of Christmas ornament Exchange

 A birds nest ornament made by Alice Early.

Here is the first Christmas ornament I opened on Monday. 

 It is adorable!  It is made by Alice Early a gifted artist..

 It is a birds nest with old buttons sewn on and a cute little bird.  Thanks Alice for such a wonderful start to our artist ornament trade. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

My ornament for the 13 days of Christmas exchange

Here is a better picture of my little bird. It is done on water color paper and collage with a few types of mediums applied.

Day #12 of the 13 days of Christmas Exchange--me!

My ornament for the exchange is this cute little paper doll like bird!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 11 of our Christmas Exchange--Linda

Look at this cute doll Linda made! So cute, so funky! Every thing I love!
Oh what am I going to do we only have 2 left and the next one is mine! I have really loved and enjoyed each and every ornament I have received.

I am so honored to be trading with these talented ladies!

Day #10 of our Christmas exchange--Terrie

A lovely, intricate ornament using a vintage spool, words from a Silent Night, and glittery accents! So sweet Terrie!

Day #9 of our Christmas exchange--Hope's flower fairy pin!

Hope is day # 9 and she made this lovely flower pin! It is so scrumptious! I am going to wear it this weekend with my winter cuff!

Day #8 of our 13 day Christmas exchange--Corrine!

This beautful paper garland is not givien justice in my photo here. I put it on my 2 ft tree, but it is not Christmas themed so you can use it all year round. I got to make one of these Corrine, I am inspired.

The 13 days of Christmas Exchange

This whimsical snowman is day 7 and is created by Vivian Neroni. Very sweet and so cute!
This is so fun girls!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

ON the other side of the sixth day is this sweet and wise saying.

This is so nice. I am going to keep these pieces for the rest of my life to enjoy over and over again.

On the sixth day of Christmas Martha Brown sent to me.

This beautiful glass heart with JOY on one side.

Gosh they are all beautful ladies what fine artist and such nice work!

The wrapping is clever made from recycled plastic mesh and stitched up.

On the fifth day of Christmas Patti Gramza made for me...

Another beautful cone ornament! I love these cones! They look great on the tree!

And Patti Gramza also sent a little gift of rhinestones and some little stamps. Boy, she sure knows how to get my attention!

Thanks so much I love them all.

On the fourth day of Christmas Leslie Brier made a cute Christmas basket for the tree!

This is a cute one and has a lot of detail....... WOW......Leslie Brier how amazing!

On the third day of Christmas Elizabeth Woodford made this lucious cone ornament!

Elizabeth Woodford made this lovely cone ornament. Kind of a modern Victorian piece of fiber art to decorate my little tree!

The second day of the 13 days of Christmas Exchange!

Wow look at this little beauty! The artist Mary Zimany made this little watch case ornament with angels and Peace on Earth inside. Oh it is so sweet!

The 13 Days of Christmas Exchange is under way!

Barbara Burkard made this wonderful winter cuff to wear for Christmas

and this stunning glass ornament!

This is day one and....

Wow! .... look at this stunning glass ornament with a snowman transparency inside and tinkling bells adding to it's mystic created by the artist Barbara Burkard.

OM Gosh!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Raw Art Journaling, found poetry

This is poetry found in a single page of text. I took a page and marked out the words I did'nt want and left the one I did want. I am not a poet or a writer but it is interesting what comes up.


Never remember,


dropped behind,


silently to succeed,

She arrived a few seconds ahead.

Found Poetry from Raw Journaling online class

This exercise in Raw Art Journaling, by Quinn McDonald is to find found words in magazines and books and write a poem with them.

This is my result. Interesting.

Imagine light,

at a glance,

See the bright side,

Reinventing your art.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Steampunk-Front cover of the folder spread

I used a "steam punk debutante" scrapbook paper and a realy cool stencil for the background.

Steam punk altered book spread

The Victorian paper doll is removeable.

Steampunk altered book spread

My layout for Leslie Briers altered book round robin I am doing.
The layout is a in the shape of a folder and this is the inside.
The Victorian paper doll is has moveable arms and legs.

Three Vision cards for 2011

Focus was my first word and I need focus in my work and in my life. I used a bull eye to hone in and to take control and see clearly.

Vision cards

Create is my mantra for the year. To go in my studio and make stuff!
I used ccereal box es cut into 5 x 7 pieces. Covered them with tissue paper and when dry painted them and used painted paper towels to cover each element, her is a flower "create" bloooming into life.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

This is one of three vision word cards I did for a deck I was a part. The card is 5 x 7.

Vision is something I hope to have in the year 2011. Clear sight intuitive insigths into myself and the world around me. Hopefully this will come out in my art.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2011 January Calendar swap

This looks better in person.
The background is stenciled and layered on watercolor paper. With a January 2011 transparency laid out on my computer is layed over it.
Simple but nice.
The quote is:
Two road diverged in a wood and I
_I took the one less traveled and that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost

November 2010
Artist trading cards for the Scrapadoodles monthly ATC swap!

I used modeling paste for the trees. Absorbent ground in the back ground. Black bird confetti and a little leaf punch for the leaves.

It was really cute!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Cute altered Calandar booklet

This was a fun exercise in altering I did with my friend Darlene at her studio.
We used an inexpensive calendar with a plastic cover. We collaged over the booklet inside and out not to thickly because the plastic cover has to go back on. I carry it in my purse it is to cute.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Decorated File folder

I gessoed a file folder. Glued some black and white papers to it. Used some rubber stamps. Painted transparent blue and gold with gel medium. Drew images with black paint. stamped with foam stamps using gesso. Dripped pink ink over the surface.
I think it needs something else. I plan to glue scrap book paer to the inside and sew around the edges.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Art Every Day

I am taking the challenge to do Art Every day for the month of November. I will probably post once a week or so. About what I am doing.

This week I have been making decorated file folders to keep papers in. I have the outside mostly done but I still have to put some pretty paper inside too.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Model draw session at the Read and reread bookstore last night! Sure was fun to be drawing again!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween charm bracelet with added charms

I found, made and added more charms to my bracelet. All the charms are Halloween or the colors of Halloween. It is so fun to make this charm bracelet and to wear it too.

Even more Halloween ATC's

More string wrapped Halloween ATC's

Halloween artist trading cards

String wrapped Halloween cards for the Scrapadoodle trade.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vintage resin tin

I love this altoid tin! It has a vintage look and it is so interesting to me. I think I need to make more!

Halloween spider resin tin

This is an altoid tin I stripped painted and decorated with charms and resin.
I love resin!